Until recently, if you had the need for a unique perspective of your outdoor event or project, you had only 2 choices other than a pole cam: hire a crane or hire a full size aircraft and pilot. Cranes are expensive and can only give you a few dozen feet in the air. Full size aircraft are really expensive and can only shoot safely from high altitude, not to mention FAA restrictions.

Now you have an option that fills the gap, and at only a fraction of the cost. Advanced Concepts utilizes radio controlled, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to capture high resolution photos and high definition video at altitudes up to 300 feet. These UAVs (commonly and incorrectly referred to as drones) are quiet, lightweight, stable and extremely effective at capturing images. Since the aircraft are electric they have no environmental impact and pose a much less significant risk to persons or property on the ground.

The UAVs operated by our pilots utilize gyro stabilized camera mounts which means that even when the aircraft are moving or adjusting position, the camera remains rock solid steady to provide smooth video. Shooting Ultra High Definition 4096 x 2160 resolution and up to 60 frames per second, the video footage requires no post stabilization and can easily be incorporated into non-linear video production suites. The aircraft are also capable of shooting still photos at pre-set time increments to allow multiple angles and exposures during a single flight.

During the flight, a video signal is transmitted to a ground station which allows the operator (or pilot), to see what the camera is seeing. As the customer, you are invited and encouraged to stand beside the pilot and direct the shots that you want by viewing the flight on a video monitor. This interaction ensures that you will get exactly the images or video footage that your project requires. And because of the electric operating system, additional batteries allow for multiple flights with no down time or need to return the to the airport for refueling.

Advanced Concepts not only operates these aircraft, but has in fact been involved in designing and building UAVs since 2000. We were the first company in north Alabama to begin using UAVs for commercial applications and have served numerous companies and organizations over the past years. Our pilots are all AMA members as well as active participants in the multi-rotor groups such as RCGroups, DPA (Drone Pilots Association) and RCAPA (Radio Controlled Aerial Platform Association). We abide by all safety regulations, and have worked with members of various task forces to help resolve issues and guidelines between UAV pilots and the FAA. Our team members also travel to local schools to perform technology demonstrations using UAV aircraft and ground based RC vehicles, and conduct classes for police departments and civic groups to help introduce the technology to the general public.

The photos shown below are downsized for quicker loading on the internet. Customers are provided with full size images and HD video footage.







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