Advanced Concepts is a full service media production company serving (primarily) the north Alabama region. Created in 1985, our company is one of the few "full service" providers in the area. Many other companies claim to offer complete services, but routinely "sub out" projects to other companies. This is not the case with Advanced Concepts - when you hire us to work, we do the work. And if on the rare occasion we can't, chances are we can direct you to another company that can. We are proud to boast that every employee at Advanced Concepts has prior military and/or police experience, and our team of professionals maintain the skill sets these prior duties developed within them. Our attitude has always been to give the customer more than they pay for, and this mindset has resulted in over three decades of satisified customers. The majority of our work is commercia/industrial training videos for military and aerospace contractors in the Huntsville, Alabama area. Having both Redstone Arsenal and the Marshall Space Flight Center close by provides for a generous resource of businesses to support. However, we do not limit our area of service to north Alabama. In fact, our team has traveled as far as California to provide media production services. North Carolina, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and of course New Mexico to White Sands Missile Range have all earned us pins on the U.S. map hanging in the lobby of our 2,500 square foot studio.

We have four primary areas of work, Video Production being the first. In fact, Advanced Concepts started out simply as a video production studio shooting commercials for local businesses. Within a couple of years our reputation for going "above and beyond" to meet customer expectations lead to an increased diversity in work assignments. Our client base expanded and soon we were shooting video for the U.S. Army, NASA, military and aerospace contractors, industries and corporations. Along with this experience came the opportunity to get involved with live event venues so lectures, conferences, dance recitals, weddings, school plays and concerts began to fill the schedule. Now, over three decades later, Advanced Concepts is well established in the north Alabama area as a solid, dependable source for outstanding video production - no matter what the subject matter, shooting conditions or location.

Another area of service we offer to the general public is media transfer and archiving. Everyone has old video tapes that need to be converted to digital format, old 8mm film that is tucked away in a shoe box in the closet that hasn't been seen in years, even treasured records, albums and audio cassettes that need to be archived in digital format. Our studio got involved in the digital transfer aspect of media production as the result of another contract we were working on. At the time, our customer needed to incorporate some old 8mm footage into a video production. The media had to be sent off for the transfer and we ended up waiting nearly 6 weeks to get it back. After some extensive research into the service, Advanced Concepts purchased top rated equipment and began offering the transfer service on a local basis. We now have a dedicated team who works full time on media transfer, which allows us to offer extremely quick turn around and low pricing. We execute digital transfers in our studio so your film, video or audio media never leaves our possession until the job is finished. Also, if you are in the north Alabama area we offer free pick up and delivery in some locations.

One of the most interesting areas of our work is the production of prototype and scale models. In addition to professional training, some of our team members have been designing and building scale models as a hobby for many years. Attention to detail and the ability to translate an idea from blueprints or sketch gives us a unique trait to offer our clients. Advanced Concepts has produced hundreds of models ranging from architectural to industrial, military to aerospace, conceptual to highly detailed fully functional prototypes. Now with the advent and incorporation of 3D printing, we are able to supplement our mold making and resin casting capabilities for multiple identical copies. From desktop models given as appreciation gifts to large scale exhibit pieces, Advanced Concepts is proud to have models on display with several global companies including Teledyne, Rockwell, Boeing, NASA, and nearly every branch of the military. We even have models on display in the Pentagon.

Continuing with our full service capabilities, Advanced Concepts began offering aerial imaging back in 2005. We were the first company in the north Alabama area to offer aerial photography and video from multi-rotor aerial platforms (commonly refered to as "drones"), and have been involved in designing and building our own systems. Over the past few years, we have provided aerial imaging services to law enforcement, search/rescue endeavors and storm damage assessment as well as real estate, construction site progress and promotional endeavors. Our "Drone Pilots" are AMA members and abide by the rules and regulations pertaining to these specialized radio controlled aircraft. You will never see one of our pilots flying above 300 feet, over crowds, or performing any flight that could possibly endanger property. We also perform technology demonstrations with these aircraft and other products at local schools as a motivational conduit for science, engineering and math.

So with more than three decades of active involvement, our team at Advanced Concepts has covered a wide range of media production situations. Many are common place, a few have been rather strange, but no matter what the situation we are here to serve our customers. One advantage of being a small business is getting to know the customer, and we have found that our clients appreciate the extra effort we go to in order to make sure they get what they want - and more. With a 30+ year track record, we must be doing something right!

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